About FNE

What is the FNE?

The Federation of North American Explorers (FNE) is an international association of the Catholic Church for youth and adults, that strives to build its members into productive Christian family men and citizens, through an adventurous outdoor program.

FNE and the World

The FNE and its founding counterpart, the Federation of Scouts and Guides of Europe (FSE) are established in 20 countries in Europe and North America, with over 65,000 members.

What we do

We learn Man-Skills.  Weekly meetings include physical games, map & compass, fire building, knot tying, swimming, canoe training and fitness training.   Leadership is taught using the boy-led patrol method.  Skill advancement is recognized by satisfying rigorous badge and rank requirements.  Hikes and camp-outs, summer camp and wilderness canoe trips develop a love and respect for our natural environment.   

God is the center of our lives 

We foster our yearning for God by praying together - men and boys - in the quiet of the church.




Our Founders are three:

Lord Baden-Powell of England, Father Jacques Sevin, SF, of France and Paul Ritchi, our FNE North American founder.   Fr. Sevin was declared Venerable by Pope Benedict XVI.

Baden-Powell said of Fr. Sevin, "He gave the best expression of my own thought."  FNE is recognized by  the Vatican as a Lay Association of the Pontifical Right.  Most priests of France have come from our ranks.